donderdag 14 juni 2012

Hup Holland Hup ?

cotton dress - Vila, leggings - H&M, denim shirt - H&M divided, sunglasses - H&M, nailpolish - Chica boom boom, H&M 

I had a very nice shift at work last night! A few of my youngsters took their exams a few weeks ago, yesterday they were told they have graduated! Partytime! And I'm so proud at them! 
And there was soccer... I wore easy clothing, so I could easily change in something orange. The Dutch team was playing against Germany! But even my orange nailpolish (on fingers and toes!) has not brought us some luck: We lost. 2-1. There's a very, very small chance we'll win the next game with big numbers and we still make it to the quarter finals, so my hopes are up. Let's all sing: Hup Holland Hup!

Title: Dutch soccer song

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