dinsdag 30 april 2013


The change of throne. Today is a historic day, Queen Beatrix resigns and her son Willem Alexander becomes king. His wife Maxima, our queen to-be, is a real fashion queen. She got style, like you can see in the pics above..  
I kind of love the romance of a monarchy and secretly I enjoy the whole charade that is going on in this country for the last weeks, if not months. 

Today my friend Daisy and I will sell our old clothes on the flea market for 1 or 2 euros and hope to scrape together enough money for the rest of the day: ORANJEBITTER festival. ELLE magazine called it a mini-Lowlands, so we have high expectations. ;) We had the time of our lifes on this fest last year, so I'm sure it will be great. 

What are your plans today? 

maandag 29 april 2013


One of the first things that crossed my mind when we decided to really go for this journey was: What am I going to wear? One of the first things the people around asked me also... I'm the kind of girl that goes on a holiday with a overpacked suitcase, a new look for every day. But 4 months, 119 days, with only a backpack... means I need a new stategy. So I planned to only take some good basics with me. A black skaterskirt,  jeans, denin shorts. A maxi dress, a hoodie. With everything I bought the last few months I asked myself: Can I take this with me to Latin America? A few no's, more yesses. And so this is the outcome. A bit more than I originally planned on, but I did quite well don't you think? It fits my backpack and I think I can be comfy in this and still feel like myself. Sooo.. 6 more days! Can't wait to show you my outfits and all the beautiful things I will come across. And to be with my love again. Miss him a lot! 

zondag 28 april 2013


Blouse - H&M divided, high waist jeans - H&M &denim, shoes - Zara

Spring means babypink shoes! Even if it's cold. 
Happy Sunday!

zaterdag 27 april 2013


Last Friday night my farewell party was on. Orange balloons, sweet written cards, old Dutch candy, LBD, mojitos, mini-cupcakes, silly dances and a lot of friends and family! 

:) / :(

And I think that's what I will feel like for the rest of the week! 

vrijdag 26 april 2013


dress - River Island, sneakers - New Balance, sunglasses - H&M, bandrings - H&M

Blacky was the name of my great-aunts cat. It took a few years before I learned some English, and found out the animal was named after its colour. It took another few years to find out that black - besides red - is my favourite colour. Especially when it comes to clothing.
It took way more years to accept my body as it is, but today I'm proud of my curves. And I'm showing them off in this skintight black dress from River Island. Last Sunday at the Swanmarket, to be exact.
Despite the fact that the market has grown enormously and therefor lost a bit of its charm, it's still worth the trip to visit.

What are you up to this weekend? 

donderdag 25 april 2013


Some outfit pics from the summer of 2011. First summer I was blogging about my looks. Especially love the wedges! 
Happy (throwback) Thursday! 

dinsdag 23 april 2013


Ph: Vogue

Gorgeous Julia Sarr Jamois, photographed by Vogue during Milan Fashion Week. 

maandag 22 april 2013


Spinach goat cheese pie with walnuts

I'd like to share with you the recipe of one of my fave meals! 

For 2 persons you need: 
300 gr spinach, 150 gr goat cheese, 3 eggs, 125 ml whipped cream, puff pastry and walnuts. 
Put the pastry in the tin.

Mix the eggs with the goat cheese, spinach and whipped cream in a bowl. Pour this mix on the pastry in the tin. 

Bake the pie in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 *C. Put the walnuts on top and put it back in the oven to bake for another 15 minutes. 

Bon app├ętit! 

zondag 21 april 2013


dress - Zara, ballerina's - H&M, headband - unknown

Floral skirts, floral sweaters, floral dresses.. I think I'm in a floral fase!
This dress turned out way too cold for that day. The sun may be shining, but the temperatures remind us it is only Spring, not Summer! But I didn't wanna hide the cool, sexy back of this dress with a cardigan. Would you?

zaterdag 20 april 2013


Another diary. Sooo... what are you looking at? 

having (veggie) burgers with Daisy at 'Burgertrut' // Gijssie and Twiggy ♥ I'll bring them to my brother and his girlfriend today, and they're gonna be so loved there for the next 4 months! gonna miss them like crazy tho... :( // Dutch weather means fall and spring in one week, my outfits say enough! // havings beers with Daisy on that super sunny sunday and went to the Rachel Sermanni concert after that. she gave away quite a show, fun girl, and the music... so beautiful! // he's so fluffy! and yaaay, time for sunglasses again! 

vrijdag 19 april 2013


 skirt - H&M trend, peplum - H&M trend, boots - River Island

Last Tuesday I spent my day off with my friend Sanne. We had dimsum for lunch and we sat there all afternoon. Eating, talking, eat some more... I find it hard to say goodbye and I try to spent all the free time I have with my girlfriends. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Did the same thing with my boyfriend in the weeks before he left. Seems I'm not that good in letting go... :)
Anyway.. Sanne and I stretched our last date as long as possible and after paying the scary high dimsum check (we ate too much, way too much!), we decided to have coffee somewhere. We walked by 'Ten to three bakery', an incredibly cute cupcake store I've never been before. We couldn't resist and, yes we did, we had a cupcake. Weird thing that you can feel so full and then there's still a spot for something sweet... 
I skipped dinner that night, but it was worth it. And as to Sanne and I... we agreed to have another quick drink next Monday. Postpone of farewell.

I was wearing my blue pencil skirt - one of my faves - combined with a black peplum. And bare legs again, yaaay! 

donderdag 18 april 2013


Ph: Studded Hearts

Claudia Schiffer and Christy Turlington photographed by Steven Meisel for Vogue September 1993. 

woensdag 17 april 2013


floral skirt - Zara, silk blouse - H&M trend, boots - River Island, leather bracelets - H&M mens dept.

Last Sunday summer kicked in. O yeah! It was late afternoon when I left home, and by then it still was warm enough to go out with bare legs. 'Rokjesdag' (skirt day). Martin Bril, a Dutch poet, gave this name to the day all the girls (well, most of us) go out with bare legs for the first time that year, usually someday mid April. At first I didn't dare to take off my long summer coat, I have to get used to showing my milky white legs to the world. But hey, with summer come flowers, flowers make happy and so does the sun, I have to wear this floral skirt! Logic. 
And it turned out to be a classic summer day. Drinks in the sun with some friends, out for dinner... and Daisy and I ended this perfect day with the Rachel Sermanni (gotta love that girl! and her music) concert at Rotown. 

How did you spent 'Rokjesdag'? And even more important... what did you wear? ;)

dinsdag 16 april 2013


blazer - H&M trend, tee - H&M divided, leathers pants - H&M, sneakers - New Balance, sunglasses - H&M

Yaaaay, sun! Warm and sunny weather! Time for sunglasses and to finally stow away that scarf! Sunday was a day for bare legs (tomorrow's outfit on the blog!), but Saturday was a pretty nice day too.  I was wearing my leather pants again, but rolled 'm up for bare ankles. Spring feeling!

I count the days until my departure. I really can't wait. I'm closing my cases at work - 7 work days left - and my backpack is waiting to be packed and ready to go. My love and I are apart now for 5 weeks and the first 2 weeks I thought I would die of heartache. (Skype is a wonderful medium, but talking to him knowing I won't be seeing him in real life for months felt harder sometimes than not talking to him at all). But one way or another I got used to be alone and found distraction in good things with/and my friends. Still miss him like crazy, but I think it's a beautiful thing to realize that it's not that I can't live without him. It's just that I don't want to. 

maandag 15 april 2013


 Ph: Studded Hearts

Stunning picture, don't you think. 
Black is my ultimate favourite colour when it comes to clothing. 
Plain, simple. Chic. Love!

Happy Monday!

zondag 14 april 2013


skirt - H&M divided, tee - H&M divided, fluffy vest - H&M divided, ballerina's - H&M

I'm glad spring started and the temperatures are rising, so I'm able to wear my ballerina's without my toes freezing off! I was wearing this outfit when I had dinner with my friend Sanne. She has been working in Austria for 4 months. She worked as a skiing instructor and partied her ass off at night. So nice to see her again. We had lot's and lot's to talk about! :) 
In 3 weeks from today I will be away for 4 months myself. Such a strange feeling to not be here for the summer and miss my girls and all the fun! I'll have my own awesome experience instead but I'm sure gonna miss home and all the festivals, BBQ's and sunny days in the park! 

What are your summer plans?

zaterdag 13 april 2013


earrings cat & fish - Pieces, earrings red and golden hearts - I am

I got a thing for little earrings. I got 5 earring holes on the left and right I got 4 earring holes and a piering in my upper ear. My mom got me my first earrings when I was 3 months ( a good choice I think!). When I hit puberty I got a second one, together with my friend Desiree, and soon after that the upper ear piercing. Around age 17 I was in my alternative fase and wanted to have a row of rings and got the other ones. The earrings I wear have been changing a lot ever since. Which earrings I'm wearing (and which holes I use, I'm not always using all of them) say a lot about my fashion state. At the moment I'm searching for a simple look, but original and close to who I am. That's why I fell in love with this little hearts and fell even deeper for the cat and the fish. Cute and funny and - surprise surprise - I love cats! So this is what it is for now. And probably what it is for the next 6 months, since I won't take anything else with me on my trip to South-America. Do you like it? 

vrijdag 12 april 2013


blouse - H&M trend, shorts - Monki, ballerina's - H&M, sunglasses - I am

A sunny hangover Sunday, the perfect occasion to take my new shorts out into town. Hello spring!
Still recovering from last weekend, a new weekend is on it's way. TGIF! What are your plans? 

donderdag 11 april 2013


About 2,5 years ago my beloved cat Clover got pregnant by mistake. Unfortunately she died 8 months later of a tumor, but she gave me my loves Gijssie and Twiggy just in time. They were part of a beautiful litter. My friend Marinke took the black and white one and called him Joes. He looks just like Gijssie, but with spots. When Marinke's at my place, she's always telling me how strange it is to see Gijssie. He looks like Joes, but without his suite! :) 
For 12 weeks I had the honor to take care of and be around 5 precious kittens and their mother. So cute and so much fun! And when it comes to Gijssie and Twiggy: now they're all grown up, I love 'm just as much!