woensdag 17 april 2013


floral skirt - Zara, silk blouse - H&M trend, boots - River Island, leather bracelets - H&M mens dept.

Last Sunday summer kicked in. O yeah! It was late afternoon when I left home, and by then it still was warm enough to go out with bare legs. 'Rokjesdag' (skirt day). Martin Bril, a Dutch poet, gave this name to the day all the girls (well, most of us) go out with bare legs for the first time that year, usually someday mid April. At first I didn't dare to take off my long summer coat, I have to get used to showing my milky white legs to the world. But hey, with summer come flowers, flowers make happy and so does the sun, I have to wear this floral skirt! Logic. 
And it turned out to be a classic summer day. Drinks in the sun with some friends, out for dinner... and Daisy and I ended this perfect day with the Rachel Sermanni (gotta love that girl! and her music) concert at Rotown. 

How did you spent 'Rokjesdag'? And even more important... what did you wear? ;)

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