zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Diary 06

♥ // street inspiration // a very nice meal my friend Irene cooked for us, while watching her wedding pictures // breakfast at Bazar, yum! // little cats fighting ♥ they're going to leave next week, boohoo! // dim sum at Tai Wu with my friends Marinke and Desiree // Giethoorn,  a weekend with ♥'s fam // watching the Dutch soccer team lose... all dressed up in orange with Marinke and Ravennah // my handsome BF!

vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Ain't to proud to plead

pleated dress - H&M trend, shoes - Axi Schoen, ring - H&M

A wonderful summer day means a wonderful summer dress. This dress is 2 years old, but like I said a few posts ago: Pleats are timeless. Love it. A lot!

Title: The Temptations - Ain't to proud to beg ♪

Juicy details

Some seen and unseen details from the last few months!

donderdag 28 juni 2012


dress - H&M divided, belt - H&M divided, shoes - H&M divided

This dress I wore yesterday when the weather wasn't as good as today. I really wanted something neon, so I was happy when I found this dress. But after wearing it for a while, I regret that I didn't go for the H&M trend blouse in the same colour. This one's much cheaper and I love the idea, but the fit is no good. Not for me in any case. 
Well, maybe it will work as a beach dress?

Title: Aerosmith - Pink ♪

dinsdag 26 juni 2012

New in: Black leather skirt

Leather skirt - H&M trend

Today I decided to have a quick look at the H&M sale on my way to a friend. And then the magic happened: I found this amazing leather skirt. The label said 50% discount, but at the cash register this skirt turned out to be marked down from €80,- to just €15,-! WOW! I had to hold down myself to not kiss the cashier... So happy! 

maandag 25 juni 2012

Heart full of wine

blouse - H&M divided, jeans - H&M divided, vest - Sissy Boy (men dept), boots - River Island, bracelet - Mango

Although the sun comes along from time to time it still doesn't really feel like summer. Time to layer up with this large vest from the mens department. I totally forgot about this burgundy jeans, love to find something nice I haven't thought about for a while in my own closet!

Title: Angus and Julia Stone - Heart full of wine ♪

donderdag 21 juni 2012

California Dreamin'

shirt - H&M divided, skirt - Monki, boots - River Island, chain worn as bracelet - Ale Hop, sunglasses - H&M

Nightshift plus the flu equals staying in bed all day. This is what I wore before I went to bed.
Sleep well! 

Title: The Mamas and the papas - California Dreamin' ♪

woensdag 20 juni 2012

She was a mess in her pleated dress

vest - H&M divided, dress - Mango, sandals - Zara, ring - Forever 21

Yeah, a little sun! Yesterday I wore this black pleated dress to dinner with my ex-colleagues at 'Viva Afrika'. And again: I bought it in sale! This one is a real treasure, pleats are timeless. 

Title: ZZ Top - Goin down to Mexico ♪

Touch grey or black

shirt - H&M divided, jeans high waist - H&M &denim, shoes - H&M

I love sale shopping! This shirt I bought for only €5,-! There are little studs on it, and I think it looks sturdy! 

Title: The Melvins - Touch gray or black ♪

dinsdag 19 juni 2012

Blue jeans, white shirt

shirt - H&M trend, jeans - H&M &denim, sandals - Zara, bracelet - Mango

Alright, the Dutch soccerteam lost the game. Our boys can go home, with 0 points. Let's forget about that very soon!
Let's talk clothes! I have a thing for simple white shirts, so when this one got delivered I was delighted. H&M trend and on sale! Love the little details along the edges of this shirt. Think you gonna see this shirt on me a lot this summer, combined with different skirts and trousers. 
Do you have a favorite clothing-item? 

Title: Lana del Rey - Blue Jeans ♪

zondag 17 juni 2012

You gotta eat your spinach

 dress - H&M trend, sandals - Zara, earrings - H&M, ring - H&M

Last year this dress was my fav festival dress. You can walk in it, dance in it, sit in the grass in it. Easy going and still chic with the silk bags. 
But yesterday I did not go to a festival. My friend Judith came over and I made her a lovely quiche with spinach and goat cheese. I love to cook nowadays! It was great to see her again, we had a lot to talk about! 
Today, there's the important soccesgame, it's 'erop of eronder'. What I'm wearing today you can read tomorrow! Have a nice (soccer)night!

Title: Shirley Temple - You gotta eat your spinach ♪

zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Lady in Red

1. Gisele Bundchen // Alexander McQueen
2. Hilary Swank // Elie Saab
3. SJP // Giambattista Valli
4. Miranda Kerr & Dianna Agron // Michael Kors
5. Taylor Swift // Oscar de la Rente

 Red is my absolute favorite colour in the world! So, if you ask me, there's nothing more beautiful than a red (evening) dress. 
Which one do you like best?

Title: Chris De Burgh - Lady in Red ♪

vrijdag 15 juni 2012

Lovely day

dress - H&M trend, boots - River Island
1. Kittens eating together today for the first time 2. Lunch with my ♥ at Café Boudewijn 3. Discoverd this new place to eat with my friend Tessa 4. Beer & sun is a good combination !

Yesterday was a lovely day! So there's not only an outfit picture, but a little food-diary too! :)
I came out of nightshift with just 3 hours of sleep, but I decided to do some fun stuff instead of sleeping. The weather is sweet, so I put on one of my favorite dresses and meet ♥ at Café Boudewijn for some healthy lunch and a special beer. For dinner my friend Tessa and I went out for wok to go and discovered Eazie, good food and a lot of vegetables to pick from! After that we went to see a musical: The Little Mermaid. I'm not much of a musical-fan, but since the movie is my favorite Disneyfilm I wanted to see what they've got! And I loved it!
And after all the fun things I'm finally home. Tired, but satisfied. And I can't wait to go to bed and lay beside my dearest ♥ . I love life!

Title: Bill Withers - Lovely Day

donderdag 14 juni 2012

Hup Holland Hup ?

cotton dress - Vila, leggings - H&M, denim shirt - H&M divided, sunglasses - H&M, nailpolish - Chica boom boom, H&M 

I had a very nice shift at work last night! A few of my youngsters took their exams a few weeks ago, yesterday they were told they have graduated! Partytime! And I'm so proud at them! 
And there was soccer... I wore easy clothing, so I could easily change in something orange. The Dutch team was playing against Germany! But even my orange nailpolish (on fingers and toes!) has not brought us some luck: We lost. 2-1. There's a very, very small chance we'll win the next game with big numbers and we still make it to the quarter finals, so my hopes are up. Let's all sing: Hup Holland Hup!

Title: Dutch soccer song

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

Preschool Days

dress - H&M trend, ring - H&M (old), boots - River Island

This is what I wore to the preschool reunion I went to yesterday. It was so much fun to see everyone again, most of them I haven't seen since we were kids! The turnout was low, there were like 15 people out of 50.  Hopefully next time everybody turns up. 'Cause there will be a next time, right? ;)

Title: Dogwood - Preschool Days

maandag 11 juni 2012

To love

My beloved cat Twiggy got knocked up by accident. A big red cat from the neighbourhood broke in through my bedroom window and 2 months later these little ones were born. Since I've got 3 cats already I can't keep 'm. I've to look for a warm and loving home where they will stay. But first I'll enjoy every little thing about them until they're old enough to go!

Lazy sunday afternoon

scarf - H&M trend, tshirt - H&M divided. jeans - H&M &denim, allstars - Converse

A lazy, sunny sunday afternoon. A simple outfit, with the woolen scarf to warm it up a little. How was your weekend? 

Title: Small Faces - Lazy sunday afternoon ♪

vrijdag 8 juni 2012

Hey Blue

blouse - H&M trend, jeans - H&M &Denim, shoes - H&M, cat - Loïs :)

Another special collar today. Like! Tonight I have to work, I think the whole evening is about watching soccer with the youngsters, since the EK starts today!  'Oranje' plays it's first match tomorrow, so the whole country will turn orange. Let's get the party started!  

Titel: Joni Mitchell - Blue