zondag 17 juni 2012

You gotta eat your spinach

 dress - H&M trend, sandals - Zara, earrings - H&M, ring - H&M

Last year this dress was my fav festival dress. You can walk in it, dance in it, sit in the grass in it. Easy going and still chic with the silk bags. 
But yesterday I did not go to a festival. My friend Judith came over and I made her a lovely quiche with spinach and goat cheese. I love to cook nowadays! It was great to see her again, we had a lot to talk about! 
Today, there's the important soccesgame, it's 'erop of eronder'. What I'm wearing today you can read tomorrow! Have a nice (soccer)night!

Title: Shirley Temple - You gotta eat your spinach ♪

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