vrijdag 19 april 2013


 skirt - H&M trend, peplum - H&M trend, boots - River Island

Last Tuesday I spent my day off with my friend Sanne. We had dimsum for lunch and we sat there all afternoon. Eating, talking, eat some more... I find it hard to say goodbye and I try to spent all the free time I have with my girlfriends. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Did the same thing with my boyfriend in the weeks before he left. Seems I'm not that good in letting go... :)
Anyway.. Sanne and I stretched our last date as long as possible and after paying the scary high dimsum check (we ate too much, way too much!), we decided to have coffee somewhere. We walked by 'Ten to three bakery', an incredibly cute cupcake store I've never been before. We couldn't resist and, yes we did, we had a cupcake. Weird thing that you can feel so full and then there's still a spot for something sweet... 
I skipped dinner that night, but it was worth it. And as to Sanne and I... we agreed to have another quick drink next Monday. Postpone of farewell.

I was wearing my blue pencil skirt - one of my faves - combined with a black peplum. And bare legs again, yaaay! 

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