zaterdag 13 april 2013


earrings cat & fish - Pieces, earrings red and golden hearts - I am

I got a thing for little earrings. I got 5 earring holes on the left and right I got 4 earring holes and a piering in my upper ear. My mom got me my first earrings when I was 3 months ( a good choice I think!). When I hit puberty I got a second one, together with my friend Desiree, and soon after that the upper ear piercing. Around age 17 I was in my alternative fase and wanted to have a row of rings and got the other ones. The earrings I wear have been changing a lot ever since. Which earrings I'm wearing (and which holes I use, I'm not always using all of them) say a lot about my fashion state. At the moment I'm searching for a simple look, but original and close to who I am. That's why I fell in love with this little hearts and fell even deeper for the cat and the fish. Cute and funny and - surprise surprise - I love cats! So this is what it is for now. And probably what it is for the next 6 months, since I won't take anything else with me on my trip to South-America. Do you like it? 

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