donderdag 11 april 2013


About 2,5 years ago my beloved cat Clover got pregnant by mistake. Unfortunately she died 8 months later of a tumor, but she gave me my loves Gijssie and Twiggy just in time. They were part of a beautiful litter. My friend Marinke took the black and white one and called him Joes. He looks just like Gijssie, but with spots. When Marinke's at my place, she's always telling me how strange it is to see Gijssie. He looks like Joes, but without his suite! :) 
For 12 weeks I had the honor to take care of and be around 5 precious kittens and their mother. So cute and so much fun! And when it comes to Gijssie and Twiggy: now they're all grown up, I love 'm just as much!

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