maandag 29 april 2013


One of the first things that crossed my mind when we decided to really go for this journey was: What am I going to wear? One of the first things the people around asked me also... I'm the kind of girl that goes on a holiday with a overpacked suitcase, a new look for every day. But 4 months, 119 days, with only a backpack... means I need a new stategy. So I planned to only take some good basics with me. A black skaterskirt,  jeans, denin shorts. A maxi dress, a hoodie. With everything I bought the last few months I asked myself: Can I take this with me to Latin America? A few no's, more yesses. And so this is the outcome. A bit more than I originally planned on, but I did quite well don't you think? It fits my backpack and I think I can be comfy in this and still feel like myself. Sooo.. 6 more days! Can't wait to show you my outfits and all the beautiful things I will come across. And to be with my love again. Miss him a lot! 

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