donderdag 9 augustus 2012

Diary 07

A huge diary this time! A lot of fun things happened in July. And what strikes me when I see the pics: There's a lot of food in it! :) How do you enjoy your summer?

my BF turned 27 this month, birthdaycake with 27 candles! // dutch summer // having a great birthdaylunch with my man at 'Boudewijn' // adore the Jimmy Choo camoprint shoes! // BBQ ♥ // view from my BF's room // first time I had macarons, yum! // sunny day in Vienna //  Marinke and I having waffles in Antwerp // sushi! a fun night with my friend Eline & Irene // going off to Vienna with my pink valise and pink passport case :) // picknick at Hotel New York // desert I made my ♥ // my cat Gijssie, shelter from the rain // will this all fit? :) @Antwerp // Daisy's and my feet in a Kris Martin art object in Vienna //  marshmellow's, perfect BBQ desert! // ice cream, what to choose? // new shoes I bought in Vienna, on sale // last day of this cute little kitten before I had to give him away to his new owner, snif! // my cat Loïs // a ring I bought in Vienna at Forever 21, accessoiree heaven! // Daisy and I acting crazy // enjoying the sun // my ♥, his parents and I saw the movie 'Marley' in a cute little theater in Amsterdam for his birthday. Amazing movie about an amazing legend!

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  1. hi Linda, these images are so much fun! The food looks so yummy! Thx so much for your sweet comments and following back, hope we stay in touch:D
    xx chris