maandag 10 september 2012

Life: Diary 36

Me with a pink H&M hat, loving it! // Wine and dine with my friend and The Voice on fridaynight // Little stalker Gijssie ♥ // Daisy and I and some yummie mojitos at my birthdayparty // Marinke and I at my birthdayparty // Desiree and I at 'De Witte Aap' // Girls night out, celebrating my birthday! // Marinkes place (and a gift for me!) // wearing my favorite red dress  

OMG, I've been such a bad blogger last week! My internet at home isn't working, so I'm not able to post any outfit that I've worn. But yesterday my friend Marinke and I arrived at Alicante and the hostel has great working WIFI! So I'll be good this week..! :)
Last week was a great week, the wheather was sweet, my birthday was on friday. So here are some pics to share all the fun things with you. What have you been up to? 

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