vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Outfit: Broken Brights

dress - H&M trend, ballerina flats - H&M, ring - Forever 21

Blugh, I'm finally home after working more than 24 consecutive hours! Started 3:30 PM, slept 4 hours during night shift, and then stupidly planned important talks and appointments during the day. Called my boss this morning to call in sick - the flu comes up, pulls away and than strikes back again - but told him I'd go home after this important conversation with one of the youngsters. Which lasted until 4 PM! Stupid me... Hard to let go and transfer my mentorships. But now I have to stay in bed to get well soon!

Anyway, this pictures weren't made today. They're made on monday, when my boyfriend took me on a date. ♥ We went to see this movie 'Ted'... hilarious! This dress I ordered online and was so thrilled when I got it! I love the colour, it has this romantic sallowness. It's perfect for an autumn day like this. But also for a chilly night after a hot summer day in Spain, combined with bare legs (we're going on a holiday next week!) or with thick tights and boots as snow begins to fall. A great purchase I think. How do you like it?

Title: Angus Stone - Broken Brights ♪

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Linda, really romantic and beautiful look! I love your dress! Saw "Ted" too!
    kisses chris

  2. un vestido precioso!

    New outfit post on my blog "PINK ANGORA"