zaterdag 13 oktober 2012

Outfit: Night by night

blazer - H&M trend, tee - H&M divided, skirt - Forever 21, boots - Zara

Thurday was my day off and I slept 'till late afternoon! Certainly had to catch up on my sleep... The weather wasn't really motivating to get out of bed, but I planned to have dinner at my friend Daisy's place, so I had to get up and get dressed anyway. Black is one of my favorite colours when it comes to clothing. This blazer I got like 5 years ago and still wear it every winter. It has this cool collar and the material is solid so it never gets out of shape. It's just a perfect basic, I hope it will last at least another 5 years! 
Tonight I'm going to see Angus Stone at Tivoli, Utrecht. I don't feel well, but I'm really excited to go! I'll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Have a nice saturday!

Title: Chromeo - Night by night ♪

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  1. Hi Linda, this look is so chic and pretty! I love your blazer and the skirt!
    wish you a wonderful weekend,
    kisses chris