donderdag 29 november 2012

Life: Big plans!

I'm talking about it all day every day, but yesterday I realized I haven't said anything about it on the blog yet! My boyfriend and I have this big plan: We are going away for a long time. He's leaving in March for South-America and I'm going after him as soon as May starts (after missing him for 2 months, boohoo!). The new job is a pregnancy replacement and my contract expires after 6 months. Perfect timing for a trip like this! I'll travel across South-America for 4 months. Learn to speak Spanish in Buenos Aires, visiting Bolivia's salt plains and Peru's Machu Picchu, volunteering in Colombia and we'll finish in Panama and fly back to Holland from there. I'm EXTREMELY excited about it. Haven't done anything like this ever before and sometimes I think I can't do it. But I have to. And I want to. I'm terrified, and I can't wait at the same time. 

But first, for now, no more shopping. No more clothes, shoes or bags. No more dinners. No more trips. I have to save every dime I earn! So the 'New In' section will be empty for a long time from now. But it's for a good cause: An enormous never-to-forget experience with my greatest love of all, I'm sure it will be the time of my life!

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