maandag 5 november 2012

Outfit: Córdoba's cold

dress - H&M trend, socks - H&M, flats - H&M

Although the weatherforcast predicted nice weather today, it turns out to be insanely cold in Córdoba! I'm wearing flipflops and after a frosty hour hoping for the sun to come out, I ran to H&M for some socks and cheap ass shoes to keep me warm. Socks in flats & a dress, not so charming... But I'm desperate! The sneaky local people seem to understand more of this crazy Spanish weather: They are all dressed in coats and boots, and look at me like I'm the strange one going out with bare legs. It's my holiday, forgodssake! And this should be one of the good days! Like 22*C and sunny! 
As soon as we are back at the hostel I put on some tights and my thickest skarf. Wish I had brought my winter coat! Blugh, this weather makes me grumpy!

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  1. I love your blue drees! it's my favorite color! Kisses!