zaterdag 17 november 2012

Outfit: My heart is a flower

vest - H&M divided, dress - H&M trend, boots - Zara, belt - River Island 

This dress is so old, it still has that pink H&M label. You  know, the one where the TREND collection owes her nickname 'pink label collection' to. I bought it in New York like forever ago. Ever since I forget about it, find it back in my closet, wear it a few times, forget about it, and find it back again. But even when I haven't seen or worn it for months, the flowers still bloom. And that's what makes it yet another timeless dress.

What do you think about the dress? And do you love the TREND collection just as much as I do?
Enjoy your saturday!

Title: Amos Lee - Flower ♪

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  1. Hi Linda, you look amazing! I love your dress! Have a great week! kisses chris