vrijdag 9 november 2012

Outfit: This way

dress - H&M trend, shoes - H&M, vest - H&M divided

While the rain keeps on falling and the weatherforcast keeps getting worse, our disappointment slowly turns into acception. We're here, so we will make the best of it! The night we arrive at Granada, we put on our warmest clothes and have dinner on the restaurant terrace. Underneath an huge umbrella and near a heat lamp. And we're not the only ones! This holiday will turn out to be fine anyway, this way.
The first day we are exploring the city. It's beautiful! And between the rain showers the sun is shining. I pigheaded wear this summer dress (I brought to many dresses with me not to wear them), with this big warm vest. I regret it I did not bring a winter coat, but the vests are doing their job just fine. 

Title: Angus and Julia Stone - This Way ♪

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  1. This H&M look is gorgeous! I absolutely love those shoes. You have a lovely blog!

    xoxo, Meera