donderdag 20 december 2012

Outfit: PINK

jumper - H&M trend, jeans - H&M &denim, sneakers - New Balance

From the day I've spotted this jumper in Granada on sale, I regret that I did not bought it. My boyfriend was tired of shopping, so we decided to walk on. There would be much more shopping in the next town and I'd find that jumper later on and than I could buy it.
Never found it again. Different H&M stores. No TREND collection.
But back in town it wasn't on sale and the full price was way out of my budget. And a warm wollen jumper was the only thing missing in my closet! 
But last thursday, after nagging about it for 2 months, there it was. The jumper. On sale! I called my boyfriend, outrageously happy, rushed to the fitting room, and bought it. There was not enough money on my  account for a purchase like this, so I used a bit of my savings.
I tied myself into knots to got it. And now it's mine. Yaay?

(Temporary rush, feeling guilty afterwards. I think I'm in shopping rehab!)

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  1. Hi!! I love your look and your pink sweater!! Kisses!!