dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Amsterdam Fashion Week: Marga Weimans

Me: skirt - H&M trend, peplum - H&M trend, boots - H&M trend, ring - H&M, necklace - Otazu

Sunday night I went to a show at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Debbie from Six Feet From The Edge and Samsung teamed up and provided 2x2 tickets for the Marga Weimans show. I joined and turned out to be one of the lucky few!  I planned to go with my friend Daisy, but she had to cancel right before we had to leave. Panic! After last minute calls to more friends who all could not make it I was close to tears. All dressed up, looking forward to a great night and now nowhere to go? Boohoohoo..!
I decided to go alone. I took the 90 minute journey by train, metro and tram to the Westergasfabriek and sat  there, all by myself. And I loved it! The atmosphere, the show, the people... A whole new experience! 
I made the pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S ll phone - no luxurious camera or big lenses for me unfortunatly - so mea culpa for the notsogood quality. I've tried to give an impression of the show and the evening and then there's my own outfit ofcourse, photos taken by myself (holla at the timer) in my own familiar garden. 
Hope you like it. I sure did! ♥

Thanks again, Debbie
(and don't forget to check out her lovely blog)

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooi rokje draag je hier. En wat cool dat je naar die show bent gegaan. :) Liefs

  2. Heel leuke outfit! De show vind ik net ietsje te apart...

  3. Heel erg leuk. De show zag er mooi uit, helaas kon ik niet komen!
    En goed dat je gewoon in je eentje bent gegaan, zoiets kan je eigenlijk niet missen.

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