zaterdag 12 januari 2013

Life: Diary 01

Still in bed with the flu, so I'm not able to make outfit pictures.. Instead of that here's my last 2 weeks in pictures, first diary in 2013. What you are looking at: 

me, warmly tucked in my H&M trend parka hood my // why does all the beauty always end up like this? ;) // old skool candy, yum! I was afraid I'd eat the whole jar in an evening, but I didn't! proud? // my friend Christel, overwhelmed by her surprise party. love you so much! (and mention her amazing boots!) // snuggling with Gijssie // my new phone background, love it! // veggies! my friend Desiree made us this last week, 'cause Marinke had the flu. Helped her, didn't help me... boohoo! // conquer the cold! // in bed with the flu and my darling Twiggy ♥

Hope you all feel much better than I do... Happy weekend anyway! :)

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