maandag 14 januari 2013

Outfit: Bloody Sunday

vest - H&M divided, dress - H&M trend, boots - River Island, ring - Spanish local market, tights - Topshop

Last weekend my mother was in town. She lives in Spain and I see her only once in a while. Sunday I visited her at my uncle's house and we had dinner together. Just the second time she met my boyfriend, although we are together for over a year now, that's the thing with living so far away from eachother. But next month we are going on a trip with the whole family. Me, my brother, stepbrother and -sisters (and our boy/girlfriends) will fly to Spain to spent a week with my parents. Can't wait! And I'm deeply hoping for sunny weather! (read: house near the beach!) 
Anyway, this is what I was wearing. A deep red pencil dress from last season, light brown tights and an old, old vest with some warm faux fur . Haven't worn it for a long time, just left it hanging there, waiting for fur collars to come back in fashion... And here it is! 

Happy Monday! x

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Title: U2 - Bloody Sunday ♪

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  1. Thank you for leaving such awesome comments! That's so nice your mother came to visit.. sounds good to spend an entire week with your parents and family :) Have a good Monday yourself aswell!

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