dinsdag 5 februari 2013


BB cream: Nivea, mascara - Maybelline, The Colossal , kohl pencil - Carice, eyeliner - Carice, lips - Vaseline Rosy Lips, rouge - Bourjois

I'm showing and telling about my life, my clothes and fashion a lot on my blog, but today I want to tell you a little about the fundamental of it all: My daily beauty routine. Every day I start the day with taking a shower, brushing my teeth, the normal things everyone does (well, most of the people...). I'm not a big fan of foundation, so I used to have Nivea Young's Control Shine as my daily base for years. But with me turning 30 this year - not so 'young' anymore - I decided to give the by-all-beloved BB cream a chance. And I have to say, I do like it. With my chronic lack of sleep, it's my new best friend: It makes my face look less pale and less tired. 

Then there are the eyes: my showpieces. I'm a natural blond with dark brown eyes and I think that's special. The only drawback is that my lashes are blond as well. I could not live without mascara! But first there are the eyebrows. I don't do much about them, I like 'm big. I do pluck from time to time, the stray hairs, and brush them in shape with an old mascara brush.  
Next step is marking my lower eyelid with a kohl pencil. An inner line (otherwise I look like a doll. ;)). On my upper eyelid I draw an eyeliner line. Sometimes a thick one, sometimes just a little along the lashline. It depends on my mood and the occasion. (Mood mostly. I can go to a party with just a little make-up on, and go to work with close-to-Amy-Winehouse-eyes). When I first started to use eyeliner I thought it was impossible to create a full, sharp line. But practice makes perfect and with some cotton swabs around it turns out just fine nowadays. 
Then at least two layers of mascara. Mascara is the only product where I take hold of the brand. There is so much difference in quality. I'm no brand loyal girl and I love to try out eveything that crosses my path, always looking for the bargains. But I have had so many bad ones that I decided to never change this winning team again. Maybelline or Maxfactor it is for me. 

I finish with some Vaseline Rosy Lips, to give my lips some colour & glow and take care of them at the same time. This stuff is so fine, I'm a little addicted to it! Smear, smear, every hour. But tell me, who's not? 
A little bit of light pink rouge on my cheeks at last, for a healthy appearance (there's the lack of sleep again) and I am ready to go!

What are your favourite beauty products? 

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  1. Inderdaad heel mooi dat je donkere ogen en lichte haren hebt; vind ik altijd bijzonder. :) BB cream wil ik toch nog wel eens uitproberen. Liefs

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