zondag 24 februari 2013


Another week has past and so it's time for a new diary! Quite a boring week if you ask me, it feels like all I'm doing is work and sleep and work and sleep... And since my boyfriend is leaving in 2 weeks now, I spent every free second I have with him. I love it, but at the same time I came to realize that I'm neglecting my girls. They understand, but I miss them. It's hard to keep the balance with all that's changing and all the change that's about to come! And I'm sure it turns out to be fine. But for now it's just.. well.. hard.

What you're looking at: 
I have so much fun with this crazy croc ring I bought at Ale Hop! // wearing my new pointy boots for the first time // I bought this very tacky letter necklace for 2 euro at Primark and I'm going to wear it non-stop for 3 months! it's the R from Roel, my BF, and like that he's with me the whole time we are apart. ;) // last lunch in Spain. yum, and how I miss the sun! // me and my boyfriend acting crazy. it's not one of my best pictures, but it captured the fun we were having at that moment // my shoes and bag on a regular workday 

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