dinsdag 12 maart 2013


Oh yeah, Instagram yeah. 

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beautiful flowers the BF's mother gave me for let him have his farewell party at my place // hi there drunken selfie // cherry beer in wineglasses // with my boy and his friends on his last night in town // goodlifeee (while we're stressing out over packing for 6 months!) // we've done well... :) // waking up to my two favourite boys // airport snapshot // doing fun things on our last days together. here: lunch at Bazar, YUM! // good hangover meal? // Mc.Gijssie // mirror shot. missing my 'real' camera!! // having fun with my new app ;) // discovered my dark blue mohair scarf goes well with my emerald coat // my love and I spending our last night in the CitizenM airport hotel, a present from his parents! 

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