maandag 25 maart 2013


I don't know if it's my stolen camera, or me being tired all the time, or the persistent cold and this never-ending winter, or me missing my boyfriend so bad, or being too busy preparing for my trip... but I'm not in the mood for blogging. And I'm far behind in reading the blogs that I like and inspire me. Sorry guys!
All I am doing is meeting my friends and family for dinners and party's, working and staying in bed watching all episodes of Snooki&Jwoww. And during the first I'm taking pictures. And that is what you are looking at. 

Daisy and me before going out with a real feel temperature of -10 *C! we can conquer the cold! //  the light of my day: talking to my love on Skype // family portrait: my sister-in-law, my brother, my cousin and me at the family reunion // what do you think of my new hair colour? or does pink look better on me? me and the birthday girl. All at my friends Neomies surprise party! 30 yeah! // ...going crazy... // I was laughing my ass off while seeing this dog. this large dog, with all her white hair and pink hairclip and leopard collar. so cool! // what I was wearing to the family reunion: leopard tights, booties and black oversized dress // me and my cousin at my brothers new apartment, just before the housewarming started. a beautiful apartment, with an amazing view. so proud of my little bro! 

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