vrijdag 29 maart 2013


Last Monday I had my friends Eline and Irene over for supper. I love to cook and I decided to make them a 3-course dinner. 

I started out simple: Tomatoes, mozzarella, some salt and black pepper and fresh basil.

To stay in the Italian atmosphere I went for pasta for the main course. This a recipe from my boyfriend, normally he's the one cooking when this dish is being served. But today I gave it a try. 

You need: 
* penne
* sundried tomatoes
* black olives
* dandelion salad
* fresh basil
* bacon 
* pine nuts
* parmesan cheese

How you make it: 
* boil the penne
* cut the sundried tomatoes and olives in pieces
* fry the bacon until it's crispy
* roast the pine nuts
* mix the salad with the basil. 
* add the penne
* add the sundried tomatoes, olives and pine nuts
* place the bacon on top
* finish it with (lot's of, I love cheese!) the parmesan cheese

Plain simple right? But delicious! 

I served some strawberries with chocolate mousse and whipped cream for dessert. I think dessert is the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of every meal.

We sure enjoyed it! What is your favourite meal? And do you like to cook or always ready for take out? 

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