maandag 8 april 2013


Jeans - H&M divided, tee - H&M divided, vest - Zara, band rings - H&M, blue ring - I am, necklace - Primark, belt - Primark, headband - H&M, sneakers - Converse Allstars

This is what I was wearing at the first day of Motel Mozaïque. MOMO is an annual 2-day festival at Rotterdam. I wasn't able to go this year, because I have to save all my money for my 4 months trip to Latin America, but my darling Daisy bought me tickets by surprise. We went together last year and had the time of our lives. This year it was just as fun.
We kicked off in my old time favourite bar, Rotown, with the Night Beds. Then Nick Mulvay performed in a church, awesome! After that we saw a bit of Matthew E. White and we left him for Broeder Dieleman, in church again (what a perfect location). We did silly dances at the Young Dreams, and when we were walking to Rotown again for the afterparty we bumped in to this bum with a guitar. He sang for us and played. Forever young. And all together we gave him enough cash to buy liqor for a week. 

Forever Young!

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