dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

Life: Food Diary - part 1

There is more I love in life besides fashion and cooking is absolutely one of them! Last week I decided to keep a picture diary of things I've been making and/or eating. Yum yum yum!  How do you like it? 

On sunday I made myself a one-person spinach/feta/walnut quiche in this cute little tin my friend Christel got me for my birthday ♥ // Last saturday my friend Desiree came over for dinner and I made her 'winterpasta': kale, chorizo, pine nuts, Italian cheese and of course the pasta //  My friend Irene and I went for dinner and a movie on tuesday. I made us this rice salad, filled with nuts, peaches, feta and all kinds of vegetables. Healthy and so tasty! // Monday my man had much appetite for burgers and eggs. So we made ourselfs this tasty meal with salad, tomato, bacon, burgers and eggs! // Wednessday I had lunch with my friend Sanne at her new place. Thanks to the 'Allerhande' magazine I brought this really nice dish with me: Granola buns with goatcheese, honey, blackberries and some mint. Mmm! (and enough mint to get some tea with it also!) // Last sunday my man and I wanted something light to eat. He made me this dandelion salad with avocado, pine nuts, mango, homemade croutons and focaccia on the side. Just perfect!

What's your favourite meal? 

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  1. Hi Linda, what a cool idea with the food diary! I love the spinach/feta/walnut quiche, the burgers and the salad! Everything looks so delicious!
    xx chris