zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Outfit: Take me home

blouse - H&M trend, tregging - H&M divided, boots - Zara 

Am I the only one in the world who can oversleep for a 2 PM appointment? I'd like to stay at home and have a hibernate right now! But there's no time for that. In 3 weeks I'm going on a holiday with my boyfriend and after that I start at my new job. Yes, this november I will no longer work at the residential group, but I will work at Juvenile Probation. And I'm so excited about that! 

With all the fatique and the cold outside I wrap myself in this flannel oversized blouse - which I like a lot - and combine it with some very tight treggings and booties. I find it hard to find something that looks good with this blouse. It's large and loose, but rather short. I miscalculated it a few times and looked like a 13 y/o schoolgirl or like a overweight housewife. Hope I did better this time! ;) 

Have a nice weekend y'all!

Title: Phil Collins - Take me home ♪

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