donderdag 13 december 2012

Life: Diary 49

Food and fun in week 49! What you are looking at: 

lovable Levi & me // my pink Christmas tree. I doubted whether I wanted one, but when I decided I did, I went for pink and tacky, o yeah! // out for pizza - with goat cheese, chilli and ansjovy - with Marinke at Happy Italy, yum! // my new leather ballerina flats. classic! // heaven at Málaga! // I love my pink bike necklace (although I hardly ever cycle)  // couscous filled peppers with lemon chicken, mmm! // let's iceskate on the sidewalk! // my hair turns c-c-c-curly with all the rain

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  1. Hi!! Beutiful pics!! I love your flat shoes!! Kisses!