vrijdag 28 december 2012

Life: Diary 51

A Christmas diary. This is what you're looking at: 

Family diner at Christmas day, all made by my boyfriends mother // another beer? ;) the boyfriend and I having one too many partying in Enschede on monday // my best friend Desiree's cat, a real beauty! // my boyfriend and his nephew in front of the Christmas tree. I love this picture, so lovely and warm! // Jessica and I toasting, Christmas diner with my girlfriends on saturdaynight // Serious Request. I had so much fun last monday, and the action has raised over 12 million for the babies! respect! // my friend Irene had to go to the hospital for appendicitis, when I visited her on fridaynight she treated me on sushi, yum! an early Christmasdiner... :)   

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