donderdag 27 december 2012

Outfit: Pussycat

top - H&M divided, skirt - H&M trend, shoes - H&M, blazer - an oldie...

In Holland we've got a 2nd Christmas day, and for me that means the 3th family breakfast with the boyfriends fam, a 3 hour trip home and a lazy evening on the couche, with good food, Top 2000 and a movie. I wear something less dressed up, still nice with the skirt and the blazer, but more focused on relaxing. I love this tee, it's yet another cat ♥, the heartshaped red nose is from felt and real soft. Bought for only €5,- on sale! 
Today I've another day off from work. Time to clean the house and rest from busy days. Had the most wonderful Christmas time! With my own parents far away, or not in touch, I appreciate the time with my boyfriends family even more. And not forget about the pre-Christmas diners with my friends on friday- and saturdaynight. Life's good at the moment! The scale says +2 kg by now, but that I take for granted. On to New Year Eve! 

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