maandag 24 december 2012

Outfit: Let's hear it for the babies

 top - H&M trend, legging - H&M, boots - H&M

The day before Christmas it's 'kerstmiddag' in Twente, the region where my boyfriend is from. It's like 'de 4-daagse' in Nijmegen, or 'Leidens ontzet' at oct 3th, or like queensday allover the country. Crowded bars during the day, streets full of party people wearing Christmas hats with flashing lights. Pass out drunk by 8 PM... ;) 
At least, that's what I've been told. This year is the first year I'm gonna join this feast. And I'm wearing this outfit. I'm all about blue lately and thought this top with all the glitter is very Christmas-ish also! Comfy at the same time, so I can safely stroll the streets of Enschede!

Besides the fact that my boyfriend grew up there, there's an extra reason to go to Enschede before Christmas: Serious Request. Every year 3 DJ's lock themselfs up in a glass house, in a different city every year, and won't eat for a week. They play music in shifts, 24/7. It's an ongoing party around the glass house, it's on radio and TV and most important: people request records and donate money for charity. This year's theme is "Let's hear it for the babies". The good cause: Red Cross and their fight against unnecessary infant mortality.   So for this Christmas afternoon: 

Let's hear it for the babies!
And let's get Christmas started!

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