zondag 23 december 2012

Outfit: So here it is, merry Christmas!

dress - H&M, flats - H&M

Counting down the days 'til Christmas...! 
One of the things I love about Christmas is dressing up. Everybody's at their best, looking stunning in their favourite party dress. A perfect occasion to buy a new dress... which I will hardly ever wear again. So this year I decided (my savings acount for my great journey is not growing as fast as I had hoped) to not buy anything and search my closet for an 'old' dress. And I soon found this one, I think it's as close to perfect as a Christmas look can get! It's sexy, but classy. It's glittering, but not too shiny. It's festive, but not too bare. In the perfect case I'd wear heels with it, but since we're staying in all day I choose flats. No painful knees, the ease while playing with the kids, not stumbling while serving the food and not being taller than my boyfriend are reasons enough to go leave the high heels behind. :)

What's your Christmas look?   

Title: Slade - Merry Christmas Everybody ♪

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