woensdag 2 januari 2013

Life: 2012, my greatest moments

When I scroll through my 2012 pictures I get back all these great memories of all the fun and defining moments they refer to. This is a recap of last year's greatest moments. A lot, but not even everything. 2012 really had it all!
Look back with me:

Starting the year with a holiday to Spain. My boyfriend and I were together for only 6 weeks and crazy in love. Best NYE of my life! // Holiday♥ // In february my boyfriend and I went for a short trip to Nijmegen. It was a very very cold weekend. Here I'm drinking a latte to warm up a little. // My friend Daisy and I went to the pub on St. Patricks day and had an amazing night. On the picture: snakebites. // Visiting my mom in Spain, while having trouble with my love. Perfect way to refuel. // Queensday, on a festival called 'Oranjebitter'. Daisy and I sold our old clothes on the flea market all morning, then went downtown and later on my boyfriend and his friends joined us at the festival. We had the best time! Partied 'till six in the morning, slept in the kitchen 'cause my boyfriends house was full of his friends, and did the walk of shame the next morning, walking home in the rain in my filthy partydress. And I had to be at work at 10 AM.. Which I was. On time. Hungover. In other words: One to never forget! // In April Daisy, Desiree and I went to Motel Moza├»que. A great festival, with a lovely ambience. I'm so glad I can go there again this year right before I go to South-America! // May 18th one of my best friend got married. A wonderful day and I'm so thankful I could be there! // The summer officially started! BBQ in the park, yay! // My cat Twiggy gave birth to these 3 beauties. Had 'm around for like 10 weeks, watched 'm grow and sleep and play, so adorable! // At Concert at Sea. One of my favourite summer festivals. // June, EK 2012. What a disappointment! Long awaited, but we lost all matches... // 27 candles for my boyfriend! We went out for lunch and Belgian beers in the sun, had dinner together with cakes and candles and we went to the late movies for The Dark Knight Rises. Lovely day! // Marinke and I in Antwerp, sale shopping! // Daisy and I on our 5-day citytrip to Vienna in July. Feels like forever ago, it was a such fun and relaxing trip! ♥ // The heatwave in August.. My friend Judith and I having pizza in the sun :) // Irene and I at De Efteling, my birthdaygift to her // My birthday, yay! My boyfriend and I were having a break at that time, but he surprised me with champagne at 00:00. ♥ The next night all my girlfriends came over and we had this amazing girlsnightout! LOVE! // Marinke and I, both a bit brokenhearted at that time,impulsively decided to go on a holiday together. The sun, the city, the shopping, the beach, being together...  We came back so much stronger! // 
With love-of-my-life Levi! Christel (his mother) and I go way back, we're friends like forever. //  Daisy and I at the Angus Stone concert. Although my back was hurting because of my rheumatism,
we had a great time. // Enjoying the autumn sun with bock beer and my love. Good life! // My friend Georgina getting married in October. Such a beautiful wedding! 
// My boyfriend and I in Sevilla. A holiday full of rain and cold and me rushing to the hospital for tuna intolerance.. 
But with a beautiful scenery and warm hotelrooms, great food and eachother we made the best of it and had a wonderful time. // Cocktails with my friends Irene & Eline. 
It's been a while since we got together with the 3 of us. We had a great night and decided we have to do this more often. // Christmas dinner with my friends Desiree, Marinke & Jessica! ♥ //
 My boyfriend and I on Christmas afternoon. Had the best Christmas time with him and his family! // Bye bye 2012

So now here's 2013. Hope it will be full of great moments too... I'm sure it will! I'm full of the 4-month-journey I'm going to make. What are your defining moments of 2012? 

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  1. Leuk overzicht! Ik hoop dat 2013 minstens even mooi mag worden voor je.

  2. Ik heb je genomineerd voor de Versatile Blogger Award! Check out http://theadventurouslifestylelab.blogspot.be/2013/01/the-versatile-blogger-award.html

    x Hannah