zaterdag 9 februari 2013


I love to read diary posts on other blogs. It's cool to have a peek in someones personal life! I love to make my own too. It's a little review of the past few days/weeks and most of the time full of fun moments. So here's another, #5. And this is what you're looking at: 

Wearing something else than the green beanie that has been glued to my head this winter. Almost forgot I had this headband, a birthdaygift from my brother + girlfriend 2 years ago. And I'm really fond of it! // my girlsfriend Christels son, the LOVE of my life! he's getting bigger and bigger and he seems to be more cute and handsome everytime I see him. ♥ // chocolate mousse & raspberries, perfect dessert combo! // girlsnight out. had so much fun, but I felt hungover for the rest of the week, hihi! :) // extremely tired... that hangover? //  bringing some spring to the house with a few tulips. research revealed this week that the Netherlands still renowned for our tulips and tolerance // what I was wearing on a sick day (after being vaccinated). fun socks, huh? // this picture of me and my friend Irene was taken on the companies new years party. it was shown on the Intranet last week, hihi. I'm only there for 6 months, but I'll make sure they'll never forget me! ;) 

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  1. Interesting post! I love writing about my life through a fashion blog too.


  2. Such nice pictures!
    Have a nice weekend! :)

  3. Hi. I really love your blog. Maybe wanna follow each other?? Let me know :) xx