vrijdag 8 februari 2013


sweater - H&M divided, jeans - H&M &denim, sneakers - New

It's almost impossible to take outfit pictures on a windy day like the day I shoot this pictures! While taking them I was afraid my camera would fly across the yard... But well, here they are, the best of the worst. 
This sweater isn't originally at all. I'm usually not a copy cat, but I saw my friend Daisy in it and fell in love with it immediatly. It looks so warm and comfy! The perfect piece to travel around the continent in during my big South-American journey. I went and bought it the next day. 
I wore it when I was feeling bad last week and stayed in for a day. And I'm wearing it today, while travelling to Spain. Like I said: The perfect travel suit. Do you like it? 

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  1. Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

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